The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

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The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, or FARC, have been waging a guerilla war against the Columbian government for thirty-eight years. The organization has a Marxist-Socialist ideological base and has been terrorizing Columbia for some time now. The most recent development is Senator Martha Catalina Daniels was shot twice in the head and killed on March 3. Her body and two others were found at the bottom of a ravine about twenty-five miles west of the Columbia’s capital, Bogotá. They had also been tortured. This is not unusual for the FARC. It is not commonplace, but the FARC uses kidnapping to get what they want. Extreme? Yes, but not unusual for this type of situation. Terrorist groups will often use kidnapping as a means to try to negotiate for what it is that particular group wants at that particular time. Groups also will use kidnapping to make money from rich and important people. They commit extortion and tax the drug trade to also help finance their operations. Again, this is totally extreme and not always effective. Why does a political group use extreme measures? Is it to just make money? Or does this have to do with their need to get their point across to everyone else? If that is the case, then there are much easier, and less deadly, ways to do that. Peace talks can be arranged. This idea does not always work of course, and it was not working for the Columbians either, but it is always worth a try. The Columbian government has had peace talks with the FARC for the past three years. Just last month, the Columbian government cut communication with the FARC. There reason was that the FARC hijacked a Columbian commercia... ... middle of paper ... ...he Columbian government to concentrate on this group as well as the FARC. This could make trying to catch the drug traffickers harder because they would have to watch the two groups closely. It could also make it easier in the sense that if they get one group, then they know how to get the other. All in all, the FARC is on their way out. It is just going to be a matter of time before their little world comes crashing down on top of their little heads. There are definitely going to be major bumps in the road along the way, but who ever said this would be easy? With help from the United States, things should be looking up. The Columbian people should go through with and enjoy the upcoming elections. This is their choice to pick who they want to voice their opinions. Is that not something everyone should have, the ability to make his or her own choices?

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