The Resurrection of Christ

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The Resurrection of Christ is one of the most questioning studies of scientists. Also Theologians have been stuck on this topic as well. Without the Resurrection, the Christian’s faith would be futile and Christians are not Christians. Indeed, there are several theories that tries to prove the Resurrection to be false. The Swoon, Theft, Wrong Tomb, and Hallucination theories are false because Christ did, in fact, rise from the dead. The Swoon theory states that Christ did not die but only fainted and was still alive, then after the crucifixion and the burial took place, afterward Jesus removed the big stone and went on his way appearing to people and living his life on Earth. Many doctors today are fooled by patients that have fainted instead of dying, then misdiagnose them as deceased ( Resurrection 1). The crucifixion takes many days of agony, while the victim dies by the end of the crucifixion (Robinson 1). Jesus, however, died on the first day of the crucifixion which happened when he gave up his soul while the sky was dark and gloomy, which is oddly suspicious, because most victims don’t die the first day (Robinson 1). After this the guards came to break his legs but found out he was already dead. The Swoon theory is not true because of evidence that has been found. If Jesus did faint, he would need much more than three days to recover from the injuries he had taken from the guards (Keathley 1).If Jesus survived, the walk to Emmaus is seven or more miles long. No person that is crucified could ever do that. The spices that were put into the tomb would have suffocated Jesus (Robinson 1). The guards and everyone, including Pilate, observed Jesus and saw that he was dead (John 19:31-35 has a ... ... middle of paper ... ...n, and Wrong Tomb. These theories have been proving wrong with much evidence and the most important evidence of all, the Word of God or the Bible. the Word of God or the Bible. Works Cited Keathley, J. Hampton III. “False Theories Against the Resurrection.” N.p. n.d. Web. 04 April 2010. Resurrection Robinson, B.A. “Three Miraculous Explanations for Jesus’ Resurrection.” 13 April 2003. Religious Tolerance. 30 September 2008. Web. 05 April 2010. Spong, John Shelby. Resurrection. Myth or Reality? New York: Harper Collins publishers, 1994. Print. “Resurrection Theories.” Gospel Mysteries. N.p. n.d. Web. 05 April 2010.
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