The Restriction of Speech Among Students

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For twelve years, I've had my hand on my heart, and I've pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. I've pledged to the Republic for which it stands, with liberty and justice for all. When a place in our country does not fulfill those standards – liberty and justice for all – then it ceases to be the America that I pledged allegiance to. Besides teaching students the skills that are required to perform their dream jobs, colleges also teach students how to be part of ones community as a citizen, and how to be part of America rather than just exist in America. To cultivate oneself, however, they need room to grow, to learn, and most importantly, the right to think and speak their mind. Many states require highschoolers to take an American Civics class. There is heavy emphasis on what restrictions of speech aren't restrictions of free speech. If I were to call for my neighbors death, divulge their personal info, or simply shout into their ear, while all of those are forms of speech, none are vital to free speech. The line is clear and obvious to highschoolers, and was drawn and laid down in a reasonable place. Without free speech, certain ideals would not have fostered. Where would we be if abolitionists were banned from press? What if feminists couldn't protest for women's suffrage? What if Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have A Dream” speech was forbidden literature? Though all these ideas, movements, and beliefs were, at the time, considered radical and looked down upon, we never, ever set the precedent of banishing speech “just for being wrong”. This is vital to the United States, as well as any democratic nation. Speech is a tool for change. Speech is a tool for persuasion and exposition. Speech is a tool for... ... middle of paper ... ...netary compensation for this detriment to their education? America is part of the world. American college students are part of America, and American colleges are part of those students forever once they graduate. It is time for colleges to start taking responsibility, because there's another pretty big part of America: The Constitution. Colleges, their students, the Constitution: These three can not work without the other. Without colleges, who will there be to properly understand the Constitution, or to enforce it? Without students, why would we have a college? Of course, this system is not a machine, and it's huge, far larger than those three parts. Like the human body, this system will purge sickness as best that it can, and the sickness is freedom of speech violations, and the best place to start the purge – to start the FIRE – is our colleges and universities.

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