The Responsibility Of The President Of Xyz University

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Making Decisions The responsibility of the President of XYZ University is to publicly communicate the desired change in the manner of which it would be appreciated and received by all of the stakeholders. Public communication consists of dialogue, and according to Daniel Yankelovich (1999), ‘dialogue’ is identified as a way to reset relationships with the public and education leaders (Johnson, 2015). However, the authenticity of public communication is devised by basic ground rules, such as establishing open, constructive lines of communication as a gradual process that involves listening and building trust, listening to understand, not to persuade, expressing the difficulty in communicating (Johnson, 2015). Communicating thoughts, ideas, plans, and conclusions require the ability to understand the needs of the organization, which includes innovating growth and development within the University, as well as inspiring and guiding all parties involved through the projected change. In order for the majority to buy into the changes and begin the process of implementing the changes, there has to be a level of trust. Trusting the decision maker in the process, in addition to the information brought forward and discussed. Making decisions from a leadership perspective is indicative of having a clear understanding of what is essential for making a correct decision. The decision-making process includes the implementation of suggested alternatives and following up, as well as controlling the results (Melé, 2010). Ethics play an enormous role in decision making, which is viewed as two different behavioral models; maximizing and satisfactory (Melé, 2010). Maximizing behavior model is excepting some ethical constraints, usually from a legal pe... ... middle of paper ... ...h this type of positivity expressed, the University would be well on its way to becoming healthy, once more, but the key is to remain this way going forward. Regarding the community, we will ensure to keep the lines of communication open with every step of the changes proposed and the plan in action for success. Being open and honest with the steps to get the University back to functioning in a manner that will be attainable to continue success and a positive environment, is the key to rebuild trust. While some plans may be easy to formulate, whereas others may involve understanding the intricacy of specific details to follow, however, understanding the intricacy of details to gain clarity of the whys and how, to determine the final outcome, pertaining to a solution and/or recommendations to reach the solution is a very important factor to obtaining success.

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