The Responsability of Being the Most Powerful Nation in the World

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The United States of America is the most powerful superpower in the world. It is a superpower and it has the duty of maintaining peace in many countries faced with internal as well as external conflicts. This is a country that has been in countless wars since the ages of world wars. During the First World War, the U.S was a neutral player not in definite support of any side. However, during the Second World War, the U.S was a late participant and played a key role in ending the war. The U.S being the most powerful nation of the free world has a duty to maintain peace and democracy especially in the developing nations. The U.S has continuously found itself being drawn into conflict. It is currently actively engrossed in several wars while also assisting friendly nations, which are at war. The country has the widest array of arsenal. It has the largest number of nuclear warheads. Its army is the best armed in the whole world. To remain relevant as a superpower, the U.S has a very powerful military. Its military is inclusive of all the disciplines, navy, army and the air force. It also has deployed its military in many countries. Some of these service men and women are active at war while others participate in humanitarian affairs. The participation of the nation in alleviating human suffering in countless countries is phenomenal. The army has been deployed in conflict areas as well as disaster prone areas. This deployment is sometimes for battle ready troops. This paper tries to examine if the U.S should be actively involved in wars around the globe and the merits of such involvements. In this paper I will be examining the implications of the involvement of U.S in conflicts. During the world war, the U.S was neutral only becomi... ... middle of paper ... ...y. Avoidance of active conflict would reduce the cost in human life lost and also economic loss. It is a delicate balance on if the nation can lay back and not be actively involved in conflicts around the world. The cost of the wars that the nation has participated in outweighs the justification for war. War has never been a solution to national problems and the nation should avoid war by all means. Overall the objective of war enduring our country is underlying the economical stabilization that our country once used to prosper, as well as enforcing the idea of terror. Military spending, emotional impact, terrorism, obscene threats, debt and a variety of factors should be reasons why the president should end war in our country. On the whole, this paper examined the detrimental effects the war has placed on our country as well employing the US involvement in the war.

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