The Resemblance of Chapters in The Grapes of Wrath

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The Resemblance of Chapters in The Grapes of Wrath It’s funny in life how things and people can often become one. For example, often times pets resemble their owners. Maybe in personality, or a certain physical feature. Throughout the book, The Grapes of Wrath, there are chapters that play on one another. For this assignment I picked chapters six and nine because I believe they resemble each other in quite remarkable ways. Chapter six and nine both bring up possessions and the importance and relevance they have in your life. Chapter six talks about how Muley can’t leave the land because it’s part of him, even Casy says, “Fella gets use’ to a place, it’s hard to go.” p.69 Casy also says..... “Muley’s got a holt of somepin, an’ it’s too big for him, an’ it’s too big for me.” p.66 What’s most important or most relevant is when Muley gets so worked up, (“Them sons-a-bitches,” and goes on about how is “pa come here fifty years ago. An’ I ain’t a-goin’.”) p.63-64 He even goes on about how the land is no good on p. 64. Muley talks about wandering like a graveyard ghost. “I been goin’ aroun’ the places over by our forty: in a gully they’s a bush. Fust time I ever laid a girl.” p.69 How his father got killed by a bull and the bloods still there. His whole life is a part of that earth. His blood, humanities, sweat, and tears. It’s all there. It’ll always be there. No matter how the sun beats on the cruel cold earth. No matter how man or technology tears her up. It’ll always be there. Chapter nine expresses similar ideas, except they talk about possessions not of earth but material things. “In the little houses the tenant people sifted their belongings and the belongings of their fathers and of their grandfathers.” How can you leave a place you breathed all your life? How can you gather your beloved materials and sell them to someone who has no value for them? In the story they (I believe that “they” is Al and Ton or some other members of the Joad family) talk about certain memories. For example on page 117, they say, “That plow, that horrow, remember in the war we planted mustard?” These things mean so much to them. Our lives are so much a part of what we own. “You’re buying a little girl plaiting

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