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Republican Party In 1792 supporters of Thomas jefferson who wanted a government with limited powers adopted the name Republican party. In 1850 when antislavery leaders who wanted to oppose the extension of slavery in certain places like Kansas and Nebraska they joined forces and became the republican party. In 1863 When Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation proclamation which declared slaves be free forever wherever they go it really gave the republican party a good reputation. What lincoln did back in the late 1800’s will forever be the Republican Party’s greatest legacy and achievements. The republican party had control of congress back in the 1800’s and oversaw reconstruction for the defeated south at the time.Even though president Abraham …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the republican party was formed in 1792 by supporters of thomas jefferson who wanted a government with limited powers. lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation which declared slaves free forever wherever they went.
  • Explains that the democratic party is one of the oldest political parties in the united states and the world.
  • Explains that abraham lincoln was the 16th president of the united states, serving from march 1861 until his assassination in april 1865.

Back in 1792 when some supporters of Thomas jefferson took the name republicans they chose the name so that it would emphasize their anti monarchical views. These people which would later form the Republican party also wanted to have a decentralized government with officials that had limited powers.Before 1798 the republicans were known as the Jeffersonian Republican but after the Federalists John Adams became the president of the united states and then the republicans adopted the name Democratic republican as their official name and label. The Democratic party was always against slavery and did not support the confederate South because they had different views on slavery and how they should be treated. The democratic party always supported a social liberal platform, supporting social justice, & mixed economy. They supported a mixed economy by having an intervention for the economies in the welfare states by having a couple programs to support the people living in their economies. Some programs that the Democratic party has come up with to help are social programs, support for labor unions, they also made a move towards universal medical care and equal opportunity, consumer protection, & environmental protection. Democratic party are known to some democratic economies as the best political party to ever be

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