The Republic Of Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe official name is the Republic of Zimbabwe. It is a landlocked country situated in the Southern Africa. Its capital and the largest city is Harare. It is surrounded by countries including Zambia to the northwest, Botswana to the southwest, South Africa to the south and Mozambique to the east (cite). The country covers approximately 150,871 sq miles. It has a tropical climate with a rainy season running from November to March. According to a July 2013 population estimate, the population of Zimbabwe stands at 13,182,908. The Republic of Zimbabwe is a multiethnic country with 98 percent of the population being Africans. Her people are known as Zimbabweans. Ethnic groups of Shona (82%) and Ndebele (14%) form the larger portion of the population. The country has 12 official languages with English as the main language of instruction in schools.
Zimbabwe system of government is a hybrid of both the presidential and the parliamentary system of governance. It is headed by a president who is elected by majority votes. Political framework is structured in such a way that the president exercises full control over the country’s affairs. There are three arms of the government, including the executive, the parliament and the judiciary. The president is the head of both the government and the state as per the 2013 constitution. The president appoints the cabinet and senior judicial officials. The government exercises the executive power while both the government (the president) and the parliament exercise the legislative power. Zimbabwe is divided into eight provinces, each headed by a governor appointed by the president.
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...hance the transportation of raw materials and products to the intended destinations. Rehabilitation of railway services through privatization will improve efficiency and accountabilities in the sector. Development of national fibre optic network in the country is required to lay foundation for efficient ICT expansion to all sectors of the economy.
In conclusion, Zimbabwe has the potential of being one the developed countries in Africa owing to its natural resources. What is needed is a stable and peaceful government. In addition, the country needs international support to succeed in most of its development areas. However, given the current political situation in Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s government has to change its style of governance in regard to human rights to win foreign support. All these will only be possible when there a political will of the government.

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