The Representation Of Theater In Gorlman's Dramaturgical Theory Goffman

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1233 words

Expanding on the metaphor of theater in his dramaturgical theory Goffman breaks the theatrical representation of life down into two different regions: the “front stage” and the “backstage”. As in theatrical performance front region is “that part of the individual's performance which regularly functions in a general and fixed fashion to define the situation for those who observe the performance”23 Front stage is a carefully crafted representation of the self to others it is the manipulation of the audience by the actor. This is where the positive aspect of the idea of the self and desired impressions are highlighted. we use impression management as a tool to make ourselves more appealing to other people while we are on the front stage.our aim …show more content…

When we are no longer acquired to be in social environment we leave the front stage. We let our guard down a little bit and we behave in a manner that we are comfortable with and that no one else is a part of. Front is dropped. Our guard is dropped the front goes down .we get to be our authentic self.behind the exterior performance of the social role the individual playing the role is experiencing a variety of feelings in relation to the performance of the social role.but these personal feelings must remain suppressed until the individual has gone off stage. Such as when the maids are either in the kitchen or in the …show more content…

“The most extraordinary example of the whirligigs of being and appearance, of the imaginary and the real,” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre, an ardent and crucial supporter.
The mind that enters one of these vicious circles goes round and round, unable to stop. With practice, Jean Genet has managed to transmit to his thought an increasingly rapid circular movement. He has a vision of an infinitely rapid rotation which merges the poles of appearance and reality, just as, when a multi-colored disk is spun quickly enough, the colors of the rainbow interpenetrate and produce white. Genet constructs such whirligigs by the hundred. They become his favorite mode of thinking. He indulges knowingly in false reasoning.The most

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that goffman breaks the theatrical representation of life down into two different regions: the front stage and the backstage.
  • Explains that there is a hidden or private stage where individuals can be themselves and set aside their role or identity in society. when we are no longer acquired to be in social environment, we leave the front stage.
  • Opines that solange liked the garret because it was plain and didn't have to put on a show.
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