The Replaceable Worker: The Impact of Outsourcing on the American Economy

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One in every nine American jobs is vulnerable to becoming outsourced. That adds up to over 14 million jobs in total.(Hira 2). The guarantee of protection from the approaching economic turmoil is not certain. According to the Merriam-Webster, outsourcing may be described as obtaining goods or services from an outside or foreign supplier. The origins of outsourcing can be traced far back as the first Industrial Revolution, when business moguls began to seek out new methods of increasing revenue while minimizing expenditures. By the same token, the business tycoons of the twentieth century continue to practice the same ideals of increasing profit per capita. Moreover, these techniques have evolved to evoke the epitome of the outsourcing vitiating today’s American economy. Although outsourcing may be viewed as a tactful business strategy by some entrepreneurs, outsourcing has underhandedly elicited an irreversible harm on today's economy by causing escalating unemployment rates, as a result of allowing avaricious corporations to take advantage of underpaid foreign labor, which has promoted globalization.
Outsourcing has single handily wounded the United State’s economy by precipitating job loss across the nation. Unemployment continues to encounter ascending rates as various corporations continue to exploit the paradigm of outsourcing. As a consequence, the persistence of high unemployment rates retards economic recovery (Goldberg 1). Notably, the employment rate is a direct reflection of an economy’s health. In order for the economy to strengthen, contributions such as the purchasing of goods and paying taxes need to be obliged by the citizens. Regrettably, the unemployed with no income can not make a contribution to the economy. Ins...

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...ay workers suffer the hardest hit due to globalization, they are viewed as the bottom of the food chain.
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A Consumer News and Business Channel program that addresses the unanswered questions surrounding outsourcing. Such questions include, how can America bring back more jobs to the U.S and revitalize our communities? Emphasizes the wrongful use of tax shelters in other countries by corporations outsourcing jobs. Bill Ford, executive chairman of ford; Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE; Leo W. Gerard; international president of United Steelworks are asked questions regarding outsourcing interchangeably during a panel interview. Marketed as propaganda and tries to appeal to the general audience.

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