The Renaissance : The Beginning Of The World Of Modernity

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The renaissance commenced the beginning of the world of modernity. This “revolution” was centered in Florence, Italy in the midst of the 14th century. The fathers of the renaissance (known as the humanists) set out to restore the best aspects of Western civilization such as science and technology. The Renaissance symbolized the transition from the medieval dark ages, into a high point in European history. During this time, there was a shift in philosophy, thought and education. The rebirth of technology and science, the age of exploration, the age of individualism and the rise of nationalism and capitalism’s foundation all lie within the period of the Renaissance. The reason why historians call the Renaissance the birth of modernity is evident with all that occurred during this time. One of the major improvements that were displayed during the Renaissance was the rebirth and advancements in science, technology, and philosophy. During this time, there was a shift in thought and ideology, as well as the birth of secular philosophy, which was foreign to the world at the time. At this time, the modern world and it’s attitudes as we know it today were emerging. The rebirth of science and technology specifically Aristotle’s work and astronomy become more renowned at the time. The ideology of the Renaissance was more anthro-centered rather than being theo-centered, and it was evident within the art, philosophy, and education all at this time. This new ideology sparked the beginning of the age of individualism in which humans were glorified. Not only was the rebirth and advancements of science, technology, and philosophy enormous, but also education, language, and inventions. The biggest invention during this time, and can be argued of... ... middle of paper ... ...opular with the Church. Artists were very wealthy as they were highly sought out and paid large amounts of money by either the church who wanted art, or wealthy upper classmen. This time of the great artists occurred during the early 1500’s, which was also the peak and the height for the Renaissance. The reason why historians call the Renaissance the birth of the modern era is because there were tremendous advancements in every field. Advancements in the economy, education, language, art, literature, science, technology, inventions, and entertainment. The Renaissance nurtured some of the world’s most famous artists, inventions, and authors. Because of all these advancements, Europe transitioned from the dark ages into an era that forever will be a high point in European history and will have profound long term and short-term consequences for western civilization.
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