The Renaissance M Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci was the most influential scientist and artist during the Italian Renaissance. Although da Vinci was able to complete only a few pieces, he changed the art and science world for the better. He was raised by a peasant and managed to become possibly the most famous artist. Da Vinci was incredibly smart and used his understanding of science to improve his artworks. Leonardo da Vinci's ideas and art has given him the title of "Renaissance Man," proving the effect that he has had on science, mathematics, and the art world.
Leonardo da Vinci was raised and spent most of his life in Florence, Italy. He was apprenticed as a "studio boy" by Andrea del Verrocchio in 1466. Verrocchio was an amazing painter and sculptor that taught
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He invented a shorthand that only he knew, called "mirror writing". People thought that mirror writing was a way to keep ideas private. The Roman Catholic Church was not open to new scientific ideas, and would punish da Vinci (Collazo). He was also left-handed, so it is thought that he wrote this way to prevent ink smudges (Collazo). His sketchbooks were filled with unbelievable inventions and machines way beyond his time. Although very few of da Vinci's sketches were built, the ones that were developed helped many people. In 1490, Leonardo da Vinci improved the oil lamp tremendously. By placing the open flame inside a water-filled glass, the flames could reach their full lighting potential (Collazo). "Leonardo da Vinci drew plans for a two-wheeled vehicle some five hundred years ago" (direct quote by Collazo). In 1508, da Vinci introduced the thought that refracting glass could correct poor eyesight. About 400 years later, Germans introduced the first contact lens, a glass disk that covered the whole eye (Collazo). Da Vinci sketched machines that needed the use of chains to function. They were first used as a stronger replacement for rope hundreds of years later (Collazo). Leonardo da Vinci studied the flight of birds to sketch different flying machines. Using his research, da Vinci sketched the basic propeller and parachute. He also sketched an ornithopter, which was a flying machine that needed a human to flop like a bird in order to take flight (Collazo). While his sketches were mostly impractical, they created a new perspective of
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