The Renaissance

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The Renaissance

Would it not be nice if we could go back in time to experience the Renaissance for ourselves? Being able to walk down the streets of Florence, Italy and experience this time period that not only gave rebirth to old values and artistic ways of statement, but also were a period of great individualism. (make this into a sentence…add a subject and a verb to make it flow). Indeed, Renaissance was a period of great individualism based on old traditional values.

The Renaissance had its start in Florence Italy and was inspired by the values of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. During the Renaissance, people from various levels of society began to study classical literature and art. Their studies were driven by pleasure and interest in learning from the past. The individual could make a difference here, and more attention was given to the development of an individual's potential. These beliefs made Renaissance a great period to live in, not only because it meant a new way of understanding the world based on its history, but also because the people of the Renaissance understood the importance of understanding one's past in order to build the future and make progress.

The word Renaissance means to give rebirth, and that was exactly what was happening in this time period. People began to take a deeper interest in learning from the past cultures of the Greek and Roman Empire. Many artists and thinkers found and gave rebirth to old values and ideas, and used those for inspiration to produce their own material.

This same time period also meant that there was more focus on the individual, and how the individual could shape his or her own destiny. People stood out as individuals a...

... middle of paper ... came in focus and got more attention. One example is Michelangelo the Italian artist who got the commission to paint the Sistine chapel in Rome.

It was the individual and the individuals' accomplishments that were a dominating factor through the Renaissance. People stood out of the crowd, sought out information for them selves. They gave rebirth to old values and traditions in their work as painters, sculptors and writers. A rebirth of ideas they combined with their own discoveries and methods they have studied as individuals and now were bringing to life in their field. The way Leonardo da Vinci used math and experimenting with new forms of painting was used as one example another was Michelangelo and how he worked with the classical nude male figure in his work. Indeed the Renaissance gave birth to many talents who each made great contributions in their field.
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