The Religious Aspects of King James I Reign.

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When people hear the name ‘King James I of England’, the most common thought that comes to mind is that he authorized the King James Bible. James used many religious beliefs in his reign over England and Scotland. From early on in life, James had been influenced by the teachings of the newly formed religious movements from the Reformation. King James I gave humanity one of the greatest gifts, a translation of a Bible that many people could easily read and understand. This is a legacy that will continue to last for many more years to come. From an early age, James experienced trials and joys that shaped him for his future reigning over England. God used James to put the pieces in place for many people to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Religion is laced throughout James’ reign and, for a while; he used God’s principles to govern his countries. King James I was born on June 19, 1566 to Mary, the Queen of the Scots, and Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley. At the age of one, James’ mother, Mary, abdicated her throne in order for her youngest son to rule over the people of Scotland. Not long after that, James’ father, Henry Stewart was murdered. James did not live a very happy childhood, in fact he lived a lonely, miserable childhood because the people that had become his guardians and teachers were constantly changing. The way his guardians and teachers treated him also continually changed, thus causing him to grow up in an unstable environment. James was a bright, intelligent child who was greatly influenced by his education. His education had the doctrines of the Calvinists and Presbyterians strongly enforced throughout it, causing him to take some of their views on as his own. When Queen Elizabeth I died, Ja... ... middle of paper ... ...ged that he was accountable to God before men. King James I was the great ruler who, for a majority of his reign, led his people in the way of God. Works Cited Accelerated Christian Education, 1977 (2004 Revision), Basic History of Civilization II, volume 11 Wikipedia, 18 Jan, 2014, James VI and I and Religious Issues, 12/02/14, 2013, Part II: The Reign of the King James (The Era of Elegance), 12/02/14, Butler, John, 1996-2008, James I of England, 12/02/14, Greatsite Marketing, 1997-2013, King James I, 12/02/14, King James I (1603 -1625), 12/02/14,

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