The Reliability Of Technology: The Reliability Of Computer Technology

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The reliability of computer technology has come into question in the last couple of years, however computer technology is extremely important to how todays society functions in everyday activities. Reliability in software is important in personal matters, business matters, and even in government and military systems. There are now ways to ensure reliability such as regular maintanence and laws. The reliability needs to be up to par becuase computer technology is interwoven in todays society. If it is not, the ways in which our current society utilizes computer technology can be in jeopardy. Definitions Reliability (Thacker) Reliability when dealing with any type of computer-related technology is an extremely important issue. Computer…show more content…
These systems need to be reliable at all times, if there is a malfunction an individual’s life could possibly be put at risk. In order to ensure optimal functioning of any type of computer-based technology maintenance must be performed. Whether it is regular updates done by staff or maintenance performed by service engineer, maintenance is extremely important to the overall performance of a system. Preventative maintenance can drastically reduce the possibility of a device being unreliable and provide the user with more accurate as well as reliable functioning of the system. Safety…show more content…
"Software leakage points include all vulnerabilities directly related to the software in the computer system. Of special concern is the operating system and the supplementary programs that support the operating system because they contain the software safeguards. Weaknesses can result from improper design or from failure to check adequately for combinations of circumstances that can lead to unpredictable consequences."7 An ideal security system would provide protection against these types of risks and vulnerabilities. When equipment failure and errors take place, it puts the government and military in great danger. Important components can be stolen and misused such as confidential documents, defense plans, terrorist information, etc. and can ultimately harm or military and turn our government upside down. Ensuring Reliability

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