The Relevance of the Literature of Renaissance In the Twenty-First Century

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The Relevance of the Literature of Renaissance In the Twenty-First Century

In many ways the age of Renaissance was similar to the times we live

in. It was the beginning of the modern era which saw a revolution in

almost every aspect of life: living became prosperous for the average

people, a new money-based economy was being built. Geniuses were

producing scientific inventions which were improving the quality of

life. The printing press created a media revolution. It was the epoch

of an immense increase in knowledge of the world, the time of

far-reaching voyages of exploration leading to India, the New World,

Far East and Egypt - ‘to seek new worlds for gold, for praise, for

glory’, as Sir Walter Ralegh stated. Suddenly, people realized they

had limitless potentials to discover new things about the world, which

is so characteristic for our times, too. Also the writers started to

explore human nature in an insightful way. As a result, the

Renaissance literature demonstrates characters full of conflicts and

passions, universal for all epochs, also the twenty-first century.

In macbeth' class='brand-secondary'>Macbeth Shakespeare presents the tragedy of a great man, overcome

by a consuming ambition and tendency to self-doubt. At the

beginning, Macbeth is a triumphant and highly esteemed warrior,

loaded with honours and enjoying king Duncan’s high regard, who

expresses his thankfulness for his heroic actions in defense of the

kingdom. He has a loving wife and a secure home in his castle in

Inverness. At the end Macbeth is totally alone: his wife is dead, all

his friends have left him and all his expectations have been

disappointed. He is universally loathed and i...

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...ed by profane bonds and his natural weakness can only be

broken by God’s force. What is shocking in the image is the erotic

nature of the violence which is strengthened into a symbolic language

to speak to God as the one true lover. Images of violence coexist with

love and religion, creating an intensity and tension in the poem.

Literature of Renaissance is relevant in the twenty-first century by

its references to the human nature, exploring our passions and

emotions, demonstrating rises and falls, and depicting our strengths

and weaknesses. It investigates universal truths about human

personality, unchangeable in all epochs. Not only can we discover some

truth about ourselves while studying Shakespearian characters, but we

can also follow traces of the metaphysical poets, making progress

towards spiritual health.
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