The Relevance Of The Jury System And The Criminal System

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The Jury System Matthew Gordon 28th May 2014 Mrs Ramsay Year 11 Legal Studies 1.0 Introduction The jury system is made up of 12 ordinary citizens aged between 18-70 years old. These ordinary citizens come from all walks of life and may not have any background knowledge of the legal system. These ordinary people are an integral part of our legal system. The jurors role is to hear all aspects of evidence that the barristers of the accused and the crown present during court and at the end of the case the 12 jurors decide whether the defendant is guilty or not. In civil cases they decide if the defendant is fault. In this report there will be discussion on the relevance of the current jury system, the for and against arguments on its continuance within Queensland’s legal system. And how does the current Queensland legislation compare with the national system and the international system? Should the current stakeholders have an overall to represent a truer and fairer outcome for those who are on trial? 2.0 Queensland Legislation The 12 jurors fulfil a very important function in the Queensland legal system. These every day citizens are charged with the responsibility of deciding, based on the facts and evidence presented in a trial, whether the accused is guilty or not guilty. The jury must reach its verdict by considering only the evidence introduced in court and the direction of the judge. If a jury goes out of he or she’s way and plays Sherlock Holmes this is interrupting the legal case and is an offence. This offence is called a minor indictable offence. Minor indictable offences in Queensland are heard in in magistrate’s court where there is no jury. If the offence is more exceeding the offence is called a major indictable ... ... middle of paper ... ...sed on the odds of the evidence. 8.0 Conclusion For over 200 years the jury system has been a part of the Australia legal system and has worked efficiently throughout its time but looking through this report the system does have its advantages and its disadvantages. After the extensive information that has been stated throughout this report it is to be believed that the jury system has been running for a long time and has worked efficiently and fairly. This system is reliable and stable. Thus this system should stay in our legal structure for future years. This system is seen more reliable and fairer then the inquisitorial system as 12 jurors deciding the case is more accurate and reliable than 3 judges deciding a case, which prejudice could play a part in the verdict. In conclusion the Australian jury system should retain its current position on the jury system.

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