The Relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in William Shakespeare's Play

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The Relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in William Shakespeare's Play

The play begins when Macbeth meets three witches and is given three

prophecies - one of which is that he will be king. In Lady Macbeth's

first scene she is reading a letter from her husband telling her about

the witch's predictions. Upon reading the letter she instantly decides

to obtain the crown for macbeth' class='brand-secondary'>macbeth' class='brand-secondary'>Macbeth through any possible means. Lady

Macbeth is viewed as very controlling, strong, and certain; saying

that Macbeth 'Shalt be what thou art promised? At this early point in

the play I think they had a strong relationship and he was very close

to his wife as he felt he could confide his news in her.

Lady Macbeth also regards her husband as "too full o'th' milk of human

kindness". She is claiming that her husband is very kind and a worthy

gentleman. Macbeth uses affectionate words to Lady Macbeth at the

beginning of the play and refers to her as 'my dearest partner of

greatest'. To me it makes them sound like a very close couple, that

she is a very special person to him and that he loves her. He refers

to her as his partner, which shows that he thinks of her as an equal

and that he respects her.

Lady Macbeth knows that her husband's kindness makes him weak and

susceptible to guilt that could prevent the murder of King Duncan.

Therefore she begins to manipulate Macbeth and challenges his feelings

of guilt and pity for King Duncan and tells him to replace them with

malicious and spiteful feelings: 'look like the innocent flower, but

be the serpent under it?'

Later we can see how much power Lady Macbeth had over her husband,

commanding him to murder King...

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come and that tomorrow he is returning to see the witches. Lady

Macbeth is still trying to make her husband forget what has happened

and is still the strong one of the two who seems to be holding

everything together just like she was earlier in the play. Macbeth

feels on his own in this scene as he talks with a lot of I's in his

speech 'I am in blood, I stepped in so far that I wade no more'

whereas in act 1 scene 7 he spoke of them as a couple 'We will not

fail', 'When we have marked' and 'We'd still have'.

In the end after Lady Macbeth's bizarre death Macbeth mourns, not over

his wife's death but the way of life. In his speech he seemed to have

forgotten about his wife's death but instead refers to what lies

ahead. This shows that Macbeth is no longer a loving, caring husband,

which he started out to be.
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