The Relationship of Job Satisfaction Among Employees

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This present study will focus on the relationship of job satisfaction, self-esteem and stress among organizational employees. Job satisfaction is an attitudinal variable reflecting an employee’s overall feeling toward the profession of an individual. According to Locke (1969) job satisfaction has been defined as pleasing emotional state that results from the assessment of one's job or experiences of an individual’s job. Job satisfaction is an emotional state related to an individual’s work conditions and culture of an organization. In other words, job satisfaction can also be defined as an individual’s impression about job in terms of specific aspects of the job that includes work, pay promotion, co-workers and job in general. According to Robinson (2006) Employee satisfaction is thoroughly related to job satisfaction and affects the intention to leave or stay with the organization. According many different researches, employee job satisfaction is vital to face the vigorous and ever-increasing challenges of satisfying productivity of the organization by keeping their employees constantly involved and encouraged. Hapak (1935) defined job satisfaction as relation to psychological, physiological and social factors. In other words, it is necessary for an individual to be satisfied physically, psychologically and socially to attain job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s job or work. According to research there are three reasons that managers should be attentive towards the job satisfaction of their employees: 1. Research shows that job unsatisfaction towards work can lead individuals leave organizations or resign. 2. Better health and longer life is expected of those employees wh... ... middle of paper ... ...tress may make the symptoms of almost all medical and emotional conditions worse. If anyone suffering from depression, mood disorders, or other conditions that result in low self-esteem, you may end up suffering more from stress and less able to manage day-to-day stresses. According to different researches stress can lower the self-esteem of an individual. The main focus of present study is to check how job satisfaction is affected by stress, how stress affects self-esteem and how self-esteem affects the job satisfaction of an individual. In other words this study focuses on the relationship among job satisfaction, stress and self-esteem. This study will focus on the engineers, information technology employees and cooperate culture employees. Questionnaire is conducted on equal number of engineer, information technology employees and cooperate culture employees.
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