The Relationship between Playing Multiplayer Online Games and Developing Communication Like Skills

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This research attempts to identify if any, a relationship between playing multiplayer online games and developing communication like skills. Online multiplayer video games involve thousands of players all over the world who may play solo, in teams, or with one other player. To begin the study, a survey will be created in order to gather information on the communication skills of collaborative gaming individuals. The survey will have subjects answer different questions regarding their communication behavior during videogame playing. In addition the number of years that a subject has played a particular video game or participated in online video gaming will also be gathered. The reason why using surveys is the method of choice for this study is due to the difficulties that creating an experiment would bring. An experiment would be ideal but the inability to monitor all players during game play and their interactions could cause false or incomplete data. Some constraints with using the survey method is that the data will completely rely on the honesty and validity of respondent answers to survey questions which could also prove untrustworthy. Yet, the capability a survey has in obtaining large amounts of data in a short period of time makes it the ideal method for this study. Section 2: Sampling An invitation to participate in the study with an attached link to the site to take the survey were circulated among members of the University of Arizona community that were known to participate in online gaming. Facebook and Twitter were also utilized as a medium to inform the community about the opportunity to participate in the survey. The survey link took participants to the consent form that they needed to agree to before being taking ... ... middle of paper ... those who participated in online gaming for 3 or more years tended to have higher average scores for each variable then those who did not. This would mean that those who participated in online gaming for 3+ more years were better at participating in teams, communicating with others, and being vocal during leadership activities then their counterparts who had not participated in online gaming for 3+ years. Works Cited Ferrell, J. (2012, January 1). Improving Communication in Virtual Teams. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Retrieved April 9, 2014, from Pollard, K. (2004, January 1). Collaborative Learning for Collaborative Working? Western England University. Retrieved, from 0Subscale.pdf

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