The Relationship Between Troy And The Family In Fences By August Wilson

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During the Civil Rights Era, many African-American families took great precaution to avoid extra conflict between law enforcement in their societies. African- American families had their hands full during this era with fighting for equal rights, the stop to segregation, and discrimination. Eventually, most African- Americans had learned how to manage and not express their inner feelings or opinions. On top of all that took place during this time, issues within family households were still present and just as important. In one of his most famous plays titled “Fences,” August Wilson explains how certain issues would affect a particular African- American homes during era. According to Elam, “Wilson creates black characters who are displaced and…show more content…
Even though Troy knows that he is the blame of most of the problems that are taking place around him, he fails to admit so. Instead of thinking more positive about things and owning up to his faults, he rather instead blames his family. The relationship between Troy and his oldest son Lyons can be one of the many examples of how his stubborn ways influence his relationship with his family. Troy’s relationship with Lyons can quickly be viewed as a relationship based on guilt. It is obvious that Troy does feel sympathy for him not being there for Lyons when he was younger. Troy’s actions, although do not appear the same way. There are many ways Troy could have stepped up and became more of a father figure in Lyons life, but he decided not to. He instead show his love by telling Lyons what he was doing wrong with his life and what all he should have accomplished so far, instead of actually teaching him how to do so. Troy lacks understanding that he cannot expect Lyons to have certain mindset set nor ambitious, if he was never taught to do…show more content…
Instead of owning up to his past and current mistakes and actually try to work through them, he instead let them influence his decisions. Although Troy was not able to be there for his oldest son Lyons when he was growing up, he still showed guilt in his relationship with his son. However, instead of Troy trying to make up for lost lessons and teach his son important values of what manhood actually stood for, he took the easiest way to show his guilt. He found it best to lecture to Lyons before he would eventually loan money to him. Troy also, let his past influence the relationship he had with his younger son Cory. Because of problems that he ran into when he was trying to become a professional athlete, he assumed that Cory would not be successful either. Troy never showed nor pretended that he had faith in Cory becoming pro. Instead Troy only told his son what he would not be able to do. Troy also let his current mistakes influence his marriage. When he cheated on his wife Rose, he was only concerned about himself and did not take into consideration what all she had sacrificed throughout their marriage. Troy could never find it within his self to accept situations that occurred in his past and learn from them, but instead he held on to them. In his article about ways a person can be unknowingly self-centered, Duska Ronald stated,“Self-interest is not selfishness. Selfishness is
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