The Relationship Between Prosecutor And Defense

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The relationship between the prosecutor and defense goes way back from when the court system was first created. Sometimes both parties will cooperate with each other, it just depends on the case. This essay will first describe the difference between the two parties. Next, it will then describe their relationship. After that it will then show how in some cases both parties come together to reach an agreement. Especially in today’s world how some people will take a plea deal instead of going to court. What is a prosecutor, and what exactly what is their role in the criminal justice system? After officers have made an arrest, that is when prosecutors come in and decide if formal charges should be brought against the suspect. Without, prosecutor’s…show more content…
A plea barging is often used in the criminal justice system. This is when the prosecutor and the defense attorney come to an agreement so they will not have to go to court. The offender is the other hand is technically pleading guilty to the charge. In return, their charge is reduce or their sentence has a different recommendation. This is good for the defense attorney because they succeeded in getting client they best sentence possible without going to court. Especially if the case was not looking good for the client, it is better to go with the plea deal It is also good for the prosecutor because that is one less person on their caseload. Also this process speeds up the verdict in a sense. Reason is, that when people commit crimes their timeline to actually go to trial can take months, or even years to happen. Overall, the relationship between the prosecutor and defense attorney is something worth thinking about. They both have different roles within the criminal justice system. Although, they may have different roles there are times when they work together. As stated earlier if there was not prosecutor then suspects would not be brought to court on formal charges. Although some people disagree with plea bargaining, some defense attorney agree with it. Yes, the client pleads guilty to the charge, but they are given the lesser

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