The Relationship Between Peeta Mellark And Katniss Everdeen

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2. Throughout this two-part series, the director uses a variety of techniques influenced by the North American pop culture to attract his audience. To broaden the understanding of our economic influences, I will investigate the relationship between Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). Alongside this, I will use a variety a theoretic perspectives to explain how this relationship has been portrayed. Moreover, this relationship shall serve as a foundation for how the views of intimate relationships have evolved. Personally, I found the encounter between these two individuals to be quite interesting. It has given me the opportunity to expand as to how an intimate relationship can develop into other styles of…show more content…
Although Peeta is drawing away from Katniss at the beginning of the series, Katniss still holds a trust and commitment to Peeta. Additionally, she understands that it’s not in his best interest to be abusing her. Rather, she was able to form a strong enough connection through intimacy that she believes that he can love her once again. By analyzing Peeta’s (actual) character, the viewers have recognized that Peeta enjoys a relationship with intimate contact (such as cuddling or love talk). Because of this, the author of the novel and the director both agree to use this as the building point for improving their relationship in the second part of the series ( But in order for this to happen, Katniss needed to remain persistent in her love for Peeta. With this in mind, the viewers are left wondering as to why Katniss would remain so reluctant to engage with Peeta. With further research, the answer became a lot clearer. In the movies, we see that Katniss has a pretty stubborn personality. Hence, she finds it very difficult to open her heart to multiple sets of characters in the cast. With Peeta, however, she has been able to share her experiences and interests in a way that she had never done before ( Under these circumstances, we come to realize that Katniss was prepared to take the next step and form a consummate relationship with Peeta. For someone who had been so isolated during her life, the idea would presumably be exciting. We see this in many relationships as couples prepare for marriage. Unfortunately for Katniss, the road to a fully constructed relationship would only get bumpier. Nonetheless, her stubborn personality makes her bind in keeping her friendship and love for Peeta. Having said that, it’s essential to analyze how she attempted to do this. Because of his mental condition in part two, Katniss is tedious about trusting him
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