The Relationship Between Oppressed And The Oppressors

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Without losers, there wouldn’t be winners, this thinking shows a glimpse of the complex relationship between the oppressed and the oppressors. In society, there is always the oppressor and the oppressed. The oppressor is the one that exploits, controls, and benefits from the oppressed. The oppressed are the ones that are held back by the oppressor and they do not benefit from the system that the oppressors put in place. The oppressed are the majority of the population, therefore, they can rise up and have power in numbers. The oppressors keep them down as much as possible to make sure they don't ever rise up and challenge authority. Although it is a one-sided system, they both benefit from each other; the oppressed need the wages the oppressors provide, and the oppressors need the oppressed to generate money for them. This relationship tries to enforce the separation between two classes,where the poor get poorer and the rich get wealthier, resulting in a never ending cycle. The wealthy make sure that they stay on the top of the pyramid, and keep the poor population poor. They control politics and society, and they use to their advantage to gain more power. In Night, Hitler used his power he…show more content…
The want and need for resources go up, and that leads to more labor and exploitation, while the bourgeoisie benefit from it, gaining more power. The relationship is not inescapable, but it requires somewhat of an “army”. When the proletariats revolt, the bourgeoisie see them as nothing but a few pests that can easily be taken care of and replaced. The proletariat gets their strength in numbers and rise up making demands. This would change the whole system if the proletariats were to rise and override the bourgeoisie. It has happened before, but historically speaking, they don’t end well. If it were to happen in this era, it would be more controlled in a first-world
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