The Relationship Between Nursing and Public Health

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Developments in Nursing Field and its Significance
Nursing is a branch of medicine that covers the sensitive, cultural, and biological requirements of the patient, in addition to diagnosis and treatment. Traditionally, nursing was thought to entail cleaning patients, emptying their bedpans and keeping them comfortable and well looked after (Health issues and careers). This notion has changed throughout time, and nursing can now be practiced as a medical profession. It is worth noting that nursing has encountered a profound culture alteration over the last few decades. In regards to this, nurses are expected to apprehend and conduct research, and to base their professional practice on emerging evidence from research (Beck 4). This will be of help during the process of study and conceptualization of new ideas.
Background and Early Definition of Nursing
Defining nursing can be problematic. Nurses themselves cannot come into a consensus partly due to the history of this discipline. The main factor that makes the definition hard is that it is thought to entail both theoretic and applied aspects (Hartley 150). This is not normally the case as it is pursued mainly through practice. In the past years, nurses were concerned about carrying out their responsibilities than defining their roles. This concept has grown over the years from a nurse being a mother or a woman to the nurse with duties integrating the growing and challenging to people in need of health care.
Nursing was initially limited to hospitals; however, there is an increasing requirement for nursing and medical services to be taken to the community. This is where public health and nursing comes into play. To understand public health, there is a need to give ...

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...d to ensure that every citizen can access a health care facility.

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