The Relationship Between Muscle Force And Muscle Force

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The muscles in our body perform various functions such as helping with blood circulation, digesting food, and moving parts of the body. The three types of muscles cells found in the body are the cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle cells. The purpose of this lab was to determine the relationship between muscle force and EMG activity, and to examine the effects of muscle size and muscle force. In this lab, we used iWork physiology kit to record the bursts of muscle action potentials during a muscle contraction which is also known as an electromyogram (EMG). We then used this data to compare the maximum muscle force, half-maximum muscle force, and the half- maximum fatigue time to a person’s forearm circumference (muscle size).
After performing the EMG and Grip
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Muscle fatigue is the inability to maintain muscle tension at a given level. According to Table 1, my maximum muscle force was 25kg. After 53.33s (half-max fatigue time) into the exercise I started to experience muscle fatigue and my half-maximum muscle force was 12.5kg. Some of the causes of muscle fatigue are due to lack of sleep, aging, heavy exertion, and medication side effects. Physiologically muscle fatigue can be caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood, ion imbalance within the muscle, and depletion of glycogen or ATP. Lastly, Figure 2 and Figure 3 represent a collection of data obtained from the students in class. To determine a correlation between two variables we used the “coefficient of determination” which is also known as r-squared. Based on Figure 2, the r-squared value was 0.292. This r-squared value indicated that there appears to be no relationship between the muscle size and maximum muscle force. In comparison, in Figure 3 the r-squared value was 0.038. Thus, this r-squared value also indicated that there is no relationship between the muscle size and half-maximum fatigue

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