The Relationship Between Job Enrichment and Abdominal Obesity

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A Research Review of The Relationship Between Job Enrichment and Abdominal Obesity: A Longitudinal Field Study of Apparently Healthy Individuals & A Starting Point for the Gap in Seeing Obesity as a Eating and Mental Disorder

Obesity is something that American’s are struggling to deal with, and are hearing about on a regular basis in today’s world. From obesity in the media, both health and appearance oriented, to the growing concerns about how this epidemic is affecting our society, research is consistently figuring out the many ways obesity is affecting us. Another area of concern is the occupational world; from union groups, to occupational therapists, there is a focus towards acquiring a balance between optimal production, and taking care of the health of employees that make that production happen. This paper will review one of the studies that look at combining these two areas of research, employee health and job design (Fried, Y. et al, 2013); more specifically, Fried, Y. and colleagues (2013) focus on five particular aspects of job design, and how those core characteristics (Hackman & Oldham, 1980) affect employee stress levels in the form of abdominal obesity. This review also provides a starting point, towards seeing if there is a gap in the research that has been done on the various etiologies of obesity.

Fried, Y. and colleagues (2013) certainly did their research in order to cover the many variables, measurements, and the design of their study. Here is some of the research found to support their studies focus (Fried, et al, 2013). Several studies indicate that there is a connection between employee health, and how demanding or stressful their jobs are; that the stress level can be similarly...

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