The Relationship Between Friendship And Relationship

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The correlation between friendship and relationship
The thought of having a friend whom you can share your joys and sorrows defines a strong relationship. In the book Marriages that lasts the author emphasizes on the power of friendship to maintain a healthy relationship. A partner who culminates to be your friend should have a deeper understanding of your likes and dislikes and must complement one another to achieve the best. It is vital for marriage relationship to be based on friendship. In reality, for someone to be eligible to be your friend, you have passed through smooth and rough times in your life and still managed to be together.
Characteristics of friends in a relationship
Mutual understanding
Friends have a mutual feeling between
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The only option is to get to a close friend to get to the root of the matter. It articulates the power of friendship in any relationship. They share everything without being judged and still manage to use wisdom to get the friend out of the situation. You have nothing to hide from your friend, however ugly the situation may be. That is the shoulder you have to lean on.
Mutual trust and honesty
A friend must be someone who keeps your secrets. Even if he or she may be overwhelmed by the burden of your situation, in case he opts to seek advice from a third party, he tactically uses the situation while protecting the identity of the friend.
Friends give you tough love, they do no sugar coat the situation, and instead, they are honest with their opinion and advice for the benefit of your life and relationship. Tough love differentiates honest and dishonest friends.
Practice loyalty A good friend is loyal to you to an extent of going an extra mile for the sake of the relationship. If it means taking care of her while in hospital; there are no set boundaries. This is what makes the relationship memorable. A common saying, “show me your friends and I show you who you are,” The type of friends you keep portrays your character and social