The Relationship Between Colonialism And Imperialism

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During the 19th Century, Imperialism hit a feverish pitch. Imperialism is the defined as the policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, the use of military force, or other means1. The instruments of national power include diplomacy, information, military, and economics. The one instrument that had the most impact on imperialism is information. Information is the primary force that shapes diplomatic, economic, and military involvement around the world. It is used to shape events, strategies, national will, and international perceptions2.
The control of information enables the influence and push of public opinion. Today, we have the media apparatus, whereas during the 19th century, the control of information
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These effects include both positive and adverse. One major result was the rise of nationalism. In nationalism, a country either unites or separates itself from the rest of the world. The relationship between imperialism and nationalism has often been portrayed by theorists of nationalism and post-colonial discourse theorists as antagonistic. Anti-democratic, aggressive empires impose their will on subject peoples who, in response, form nationalist movements in opposition to this imperialism. Exploitation of a colony’s natural resources caused a resentment from the colony to the mother country. For example, huge exploitation occurred in Africa which still has adverse effects to this day. The greed coupled with ignoring cultural and geographical knowledge led to many rebellions, civil wars, and unstable governments. The exploitation led to depletion of the cash crops which later caused many famines during the 19th century and led to wars. For example, the Opium Wars between China and Great Britain led to Hong Kong colonization until 1997 where it became a special administrative region. The West interactions with colonies led to an immense power struggle between the Western world and Eastern world that continues to this day. China is now a major role player on the global arena and has begun influencing African instability caused by Western imperialism over a hundred
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