The Reign of Terror

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The Reign of Terror was a time during the French Revolution hundreds of thousands of people were executed by various means: guillotine, shot, and drowned. The Committee of Public Safety, lead by Maximilien de Robespierre, were in charge of these executions, and with the job of finding anti-revolutionaries forces. Many thought that what Robespierre was doing would just lead to a greater anti-revolution movement, which would in turn increase the number of executions. Others did not take action against the terror; for fear that they themselves might be executed. Those who were still loyal to the revolution saw the terror as a noble cause; they saw it as a way to rid France of anti-revolutionary forces. While the terror started as an advantage to the revolution ridding anti-revolution ideals from France it began to change in to a disadvantage; it was a disadvantage because, it showed just how radical the revolutionaries could be. Most of the population saw the terror as a horrendous idea gone too far. The terror was mostly centered in the border cities, who were thinking about seceding from France. The committee saw that as anti-revolutionary action so they began to increase the executed which just lead to a greater movement against the revolutionary government (Doc1). Many of these executions were against the third class which was made up from the peasantry. This should not have been the case, because the revolutionary started form the third class against the second and first class. This further shows how the terror original purpose, to remove ant-revolutionary ideals, was no longer the purpose; its new purpose was to instill fear in the people (Doc2). The majority of the reason why people were executed was for anti-revolution opin... ... middle of paper ... ...ic Safety, stated that the revolutionary government will protect the good citizens while punishing the enemies of the government. He justifies the terror by saying it is only punishing the enemies of the state while protecting the god citizens from another revolution. Being the leader of the committee he has been trusted with making decisions on behalf of the government (Doc4).General Ronsin, a leader of the revolutionary army, stated how for the anti-revolutionary ideas to truly be gone the ideas need to be exterminated at the source. He though that the new France needed an example to truly understand how the new government treated those who were against them. Being a leader of the army he was a true revolutionary and he saw the terror as a great thing for France; this was because he was unaffected by the terror because he was so high up on the chain of command.
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