The Regulations Of Whether Or Not Wearing School Uniforms

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The regulations of whether or not wearing school uniforms, is a subject in controversial in today’s society and is a constantly undergoing debate. Students in today’s world like to be free of expression and their sense of individuality. Although school uniforms is a popular topic, that does not mean everyone needs to be in on this deal. In this essay I will argue the topic of how students should not be held captive for wearing school uniforms to class everyday. Firstly, I believe that wearing a school uniform does not give children a sense of individuality and suppresses their own true identity. The way they dress and present themselves is essential to their upbringing as it helps them to learn about themselves and is a way in which one can express themselves. Plus, our teachers are always saying how important it is to just be ourselves and not to worry about what others might think. Having a uniform takes that away from us, and this may lead students to try to find other ways to be different. Confidence is a huge part of life, especially for teens. Uniforms look differently on everyone. Some people may feel they do not look good in their school’s uniform. Having confidence can be of great importance. Some people say a uniform would show unity and therefore, students would not be judged by others by what they are wearing, and thus there would be no difference between the rich and the poor. Are you really happy with hiding your identity and not letting your true qualities shine through in the way you dress? Do you actually believe that a uniform would stop the teasing and discrimination? There are so many other things that people can find to tease and discriminate someone for. Everyone has certain flaws that people will find, suc... ... middle of paper ... ...t make sure the other people want to see what you are showing them. Think about if, if you really do not want pants sagging or cleavage showing, teach them to wear a belt. The child or teen should not be punished because you did not tell them how to properly be dressed. No one should have to wear a school uniform, but rather imply a school dress code for better understanding of what and what not to wear. In conclusion, there are many negatives to wearing school uniforms. A uniform does not define your true identity, nor does it let you express your sense of individuality or confidence. Wearing a school uniform does not allow you to transition into adulthood. They are also extremely expensive for those who cannot pay for them and also uniforms can be quite distracting form classroom work. For these reasons, I believe that school uniforms should not be a requirement.

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