The Refugee Crisis: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a quagmire wrapped in a quagmire, and in order to even begin to understand what needs to be done, one must look to the root of the nation’s issues. The Syrian Civil War began in 2011, when the Syrian people began to protest Bashar Al-Assad’s authoritarian regime. During a protest, Assad’s police began firing into innocent crowds seemingly with no reason. These attacks only further agitated the anger that the people felt, which led to the creation of rebel militias and armies. Fights broke out between the rebel militias and Assad’s police, which soon led to an all-out civil war. The war ravaged the nation and uprooted thousands of families, leading them to seek asylum in other countries. One of these such tragedies…show more content…
High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini suggests working with Bashar Al-Assad in order to transition his totalitarian regime into a democracy, instead of killing him (Weymouth). While this solution would be long-term and would ease the refugee crisis and return many to their homes, it does not give immediate relief to refugees who have fled. The European Union (E.U.) resettlement plan would provide immediate relief and evenly distribute refugees among nations in the European Union according to population. While this short-term long-term pair looks appealing, there are flaws present in both plans. Mogherini’s proposal to help Assad transition his government to a republic comes with many risks and flaws. Expecting Assad to simply agree to change his regime is a few thousand miles above wishful thinking. There’s no telling what lies he will tell to get the Union off his back, and considering what he does to his own people on a daily basis, the more unlikely Mogherini’s proposal seems. Her claim is far-fetched and near impossible. The E.U. resettlement plan is not flawed much in what it contains, but it is definitely flawed in the way that no one can agree on whether to pass it or not. The E.U. itself is flawed with its blatant Xenophobia and…show more content…
People’s lives are on the line everyday and it is on everyone to help the refugees. Despite efforts from Jordan and Lebanon, most of Europe and the United States have not done near enough to help deal with this crisis. 25 percent of Jordan and Lebanon’s populations are refugees, while the amount Europe has accepted is only at .01 percent. Frederica Mogherini’s plan to solve the issue at its source was to assist Bashar Al-Assad in transitioning his government to a republic instead of a dictatorship is incredibly optimistic. Also, no one is going to agree on the E.U. resettlement plan because of its supposed weaknesses. Although these two solutions are flawed, one can take certain aspects from both plans and create new ones. The first is the RPDP (Refugee Protection and Distribution Plan), which will operate similar to the Witness Protection Program in that it provides safe resettlement for victims and protects their information from the people that want to hurt them. The second solution is to send ground troops into Syria to assist rebel forces that are fighting against Assad 's regime. Sending real people with real objectives and minds is more beneficial because it is better to fight with real people than with, as said before, unmanned death machines. Providing refugees with asylum and putting a stop to Assad’s regime will be accomplished if

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