The Reflective Model: a Step to the Action Research.

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When I was reading the “Reflective model” I found out the connection it has with the action research. As said by Wallace (2001) the process of reflection should be formalised, as it were, and the classroom teacher should also become a researcher. But, to go to this point, which requirements does it need? We know the act of researching properly requires a set of abilities, akcnowledges, time, resources, among others issues. What Wallace (2001) suggests is that teachers might be more interested in a type of research which is more under their own control and which might also be more relevant to the classroom, i.e. what is often called “action research”. Now, what is it about and what does it need?
First of all, I would like to refer to the act of reflection for us as teachers. To develop a profesional competence we need to accomplish a cycle that is called the reflective cycle, stated by Wallace (2001), and that requires two main stages: the first one is Pre-training whose core is the learner’s existing conceptual schemata, that is to say, the prior knowledge the student has, an...
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