The Reflection Of The Oppression Of Art Culture

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I have to confess that, initially, I was decidedly annoyed by the reading assigned for this week. It struck me as an apologetic for some historic or imagined evangelical oppression of Art Culture.In fact, my paper is late because I approached the reading that way. Until our class discussion- I couldn’t flesh out a paper that answered the questions posed. I had read and highlighted my way through the assigned text- but had no real context for the material. I was happily surprised to find that Mr. Schaeffer’s essays perfectly illuminated talking points for me in our class discussion.While raised in a Christian home with a deep and abiding love for The Arts- it is only now that I am beginning to understand the full integration of the two.

All due respect, I found the foreword and apologetic style of chapter 1 tedious. I have never doubted the whole person nature of our Redemption, and was raised to praise Him for all things bright and beautiful (Genesis 1:31; Ecclesiastes 3:11). I can appreciate the specific examples of Art in the Bible- the temple and the tabernacle, Hebrew poetry, references to singing and dancing - for building the author’s case. (The citation regarding drama on p.44 was new to me.) For its part- I applaud that chapter 1 highlights Art’s Divine origin. Made in His image, He creates from His Divinity, we create from our divine gift of humanity.
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It affirms the value of art beyond
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