The Reflection Of The Diversity Of Nursing Development In Nursing

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Feedback from my fellow nurse colleagues helped me notice what I should expand on and clear up for future nursing development. This informal presentation serves as an important informative topic for nursing and how nurses can be a better and reliable care provider. The three nurses have had similar experiences as I have had as a registered nurse in multiple situations of patient care. They understand the health care system and constant research on how to improve health for the patients, so that nurses can learn and educate themselves to incorporate their studies. Three nurse colleagues included are Silvestre Rodriquez, Maria Ramirez, and Tiffany Muñoz, who have the same amount of experience as I have as a registered nurse.
Silvestre Rodriquez mentioned that the presentation should explain areas of where nurses can work and ways to improve those areas. With the assistance of statistics, the
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The topics about the continuum of care, ACO, medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics helped me understand which topic to focus on instead of having all at once. The three colleagues have more knowledge and understanding of their job as a nurse, and hence, the continuity of evolving nursing practices. The nurses understand most of the information explained because of their experiences of education for nursing. The three colleagues are aware of the endless possibilities to grow and advancement in nursing. Nurses are not just to pass medications or provide bedside care, nurses can be leaders and primary care providers. Because of the on-going research of finding new ways to improve health for the patients, nurses, while functioning what they know, add on what is new. The nurses, who have given opinions about the presentation, understand the reality of a nurse’s job in multiple positions. As a result, their impressions to my research of patient care delivery systems are
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