The Reflection Of My College Experience In High School

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College is set on a higher difficulty compared to high school in the sense of its requirements. College requires more time to learning the material to pass the tough exams that come along with a class. In addition, the teaching environment that goes along with this changes drastically from having a class of thirty to over three hundred. This allows you meet a range of people and have a diverse group of friends throughout your college experience. During my time in college so far, I have learned that the way I got through high school will no longer apply here. I needed to evolve my studying habits, test preparations, use of resources and time management to survive the new environment that surrounded me. Compared to high school my note taking habits have not drastically changed. From my high school, I found that Cornell formatted notes fit my style of learning the best; I am both a visual and audio learner. However, the small changes that did occur were the use of highlighters. This has been a significant help due to finding crucial information such as topics that will be in an exam or a quiz. I have also adopted to my style note taking to go into the book and highlight…show more content…
Procrastination was something that controlled me, although now this is no longer a problem. It would a lie to say I no longer procrastinate, but it has become an issue that rarely happens. Even though it does happen time to time, it does not get in the way of my studies or completing assignments. I now have a planner to plan my days and keep track of time that is being wasted that can be used for something else. This has greatly helped due to finding small amounts of time that add up. I am now able to finish my work earlier, thus, giving me more time to myself and studying. By planning my days out, I can adjust for unexpected situations to happen that might have ruined my plans before, but not

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