The Reflection Of Humanity In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a novel that is defined by its distortion of humanity. Mary Shelley’s objective is to expose how horrible humans can be to each other. In her eyes the monster represented the cruelty of mankind. Not all humans in the novel were cruel, but Victor was the creator and the monster was part of him. The parable of Frankenstein is that in seeking to represent himself, he created a monster which is a depiction of how he truly feels about humanity. His view of humanity is distorted, when he created a gigantic monster that didn’t look human but had the intellect of one. This gigantic monster was created in order to symbolize the distortion of man’s fears in other humans. Most of the novel focuses on the distorted world of the creature. He lives in a home that never feels like home. The monster’s features highlight the monstrosity in humanity. The monster is frustrated at his own image and can’t stand looking at himself in the mirror. He doesn’t understand why he doesn’t look like the other humans and feels upset when he scares the numans. Like all living…show more content…
She uses light to symbolize his happiest times and darkness to represent when he’s feeling bad. The monster is a distortion of the monsters people can become. The monster killed Elizabeth in the novel, but when you really think about it, the real monster was Victor because he created the monster and he chose to abandon home. He didn’t give him any guidance, he left him all alone in a horrible and cruel world. Distortions in Frankenstein served to show humanity in a grotesque way, it served to show humanity in its true colors. Not everything is what it appears to be and the monster was truly a kind creature who turned to anger and revenge when he was rejected by his creator and this is true in all humanity, if you’re rejected by the ones who should love you the most,sometimes you become
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