The Reflection Of Hamlet's Philosophy Of Life

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In the play Hamlet shows us his amusement with philosophy, after the death of his decease father we learn about his philosophy about life and death. We also learn about his struggle with the marriage of his mother Gertrude with his uncle Claudius, who he did not approve of. Hamlet also expresses him thoughts about love, family, sufferance, and also loyalty in his use of philosophy through the story. Do to Hamlets philosophy of life this story is the biggest one created by Shakespeare. Hamlets use of philosophy reflects upon all the encounters he goes throw since the death of his mother until his own death. One of Hamlet’s most famous soliloquys is “To be or not to be…” Act 3 Ln 64 In which we notice how intrigued and thoughtful he is about…show more content…
We see this happen when he tries to rationalize the death of Polonius when he accidently kills him and ends up making the conclusion that it was fatted to happen. Hamlet seems to view everyone’s life different then the way he views his own life. As he starts to reason he becomes someone who believes that God has stored our future and only he knows how everyone will live their life and how it will end. Hamlet believes that his fate has always been to avenge his father’s murder and make the king suffer as much as his father did. Fate is the reasoning to the difficulties that he faces, every hardship he faces and death he tries to rationalize everything to be becomes of one’s fade. Everyone can live their life they want and set their own goals and life do all the things they wish to do everyone can shape their life in the way they would like too, even if fate and destiny are considered real. Like doesn’t always shave to be lived upon fate and destiny sometimes you have to make your own destiny and change what the future in holds for anyone. Everyone makes the most out of life as they wish to even if they life upon fate, but some are like hamlet who believe that their no matter what they do their fate is already decided and that since they are born their destiny or fate is already decided for them without a way to change what their fate in stores for

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