The Reflection Of Family Strengths, Roles Within My Family

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Over the years, it has been understood that many individuals interact differently within their families. These differences result in the uniqueness of family units as well as the family dynamics that develop within these units. Being aware of this has helped in recognizing my own personal interactions with relatives. These personal interactions with my own relatives has made it possible to determine family strengths and resiliencies, roles within the family, and the contributions I make within my family dynamics. Using a genogram, one is able to recognize issues that exist within my family as well. My family roots originate in South Carolina and the incorporation of “southern living” and southern traditions has developed over many generations…show more content…
My grandmother made the decision early in life never to marry; therefore, the fathers of all her children were never revealed. This trend continued with my grandfather, Edmond McCoy, who made the same decision not to marry after the death of his wife who suffered from a brain aneurism. Between both of my grandparents, Etta Ree and Edmond, there is a total of eight children who have been married at least once in their lifetime. This is that on both sides of my family it is tradition for individuals to find a spouse and start a family. Heterosexual relationships are common amongst my family. Many of my family members practice Christianity as their religion and believe that homosexuality is wrong. Therefore, this makes it difficult for those in my family who do not participate in traditional relationships where a man and woman are partners. Frequently my family plans events at least once every three months in order to socialize with one another and discuss challenges that come about. In other words, this is considered to be “check-in”. These events can include, but not limited to: Cookouts, birthday celebrations, and family reunions etc. These events display the close relationships members of my family share with one another, revealing the value of communication each of us possess. These are themes that appear within the dynamics of my closest

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