The Reflection Of Ethics And Diversity In Ethical Decision-Making

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Apart from the diversity aspects, I faced personal experiences for ethical decision making. I obeyed the policies and regulations of my organisation. This led me encountering of different challenges in the organisation but my ethical decision making power enabled me to overcome them. For instance, I was working on a project on which two teams were assigned. For some reasons, the project was delayed and management wanted to know the reasons and mistakes causing the delays in the project. When management enquired me, I responded with unbiased decision for informing management about mistakes from both teams leading to delays in the project. In order to decide while being unbiased, I felt it my ethical obligation towards the project and organisation to put all the…show more content…
Although my supervisor had some personal conflicts with me due to ethnic differences, I did not feel any sort of biased decision or comments on my performance from him. He kept his personal conflicts with me aside and gives honest reflections on my performance appraisal. This reflected his ethical decision making practice that ethnic, gender, and age differences are of no importance in organisational environment. In other words, I should comment that the ethical decision making and diversity are the elements playing their important role in the organisational behaviour. The aspects of diversity and ethical decision making have enabled me to enhance my vision and experience in organisational behaviour. I have learned the significance of these aspects not only in the professional life but also in my personal life. For instance, I have opportunity of meeting different people from different backgrounds, age, and qualifications. This sort of opportunities has enabled me to learn communication skills, decision skills, creative skills, and innovative
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