The Reflection Of Eco-Feminism

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Mentioning feminism can create a very negative reaction, and has caused many heated debates over the subject. Eco-Feminism looks at the connection between gender, race, socioeconomic status and environmental degradation. Eco-Feminism also examines the impacts environmental racism has on global communities and climate change. Residents living in toxic communities, have higher levels of asthma and cancer at epidemic rates. Women of low-income, color and immigrants in hazardous workplaces. Are also exposed to the same health deteriorating chemicals. When confronting injustice, Martin Luther King’s words still provide a moral compass for current activists. Sara Alcid and Devi K Lockwood, both continue King’s activism. Alcid and Lockwood bring to…show more content…
However it goes widely undiscussed that employees in these professions, are directly exposed to toxins on a daily basis. Sara Alcid, is a writer, eco-feminist and activist. Sara Alcid in her article “What is Eco-Feminism” wrote “Again, it’s not a coincidence that low-income women of color are disproportionately burdened by toxic chemicals through their jobs, and the eco-feminist lens helps illuminate this reality.” In many of these professions that have exposure to toxic chemicals, women of color and immigrants are over represented. Exposure to large amounts of chemicals causes severe health side effects such as infertility, life threatening illness and even cancer. Lower income women particularly, don’t have protection from chemicals while working. Women who work in hazardous jobs are more likely to be immigrants, and less likely to have access to health insurance. Without health insurance, employees are unable to treat an illness that arises as a result of their profession. Consequently this leads to a higher cause of death to employees of low income, who work in these chemically hazardous…show more content…
Devi K Lockwood, is a female poet, activist and writer. Lockwood would agree with Alcid’s statements about Eco-Feminism. Both authors stated they believe that environmental racism is real, harmful and an injustice. In her article “We Can’t Talk Climate Change Without Talking Environmental Racism” Lockwood writes “ Race plays a major role in the purposeful location of polluting industries in the U.S. This is a pattern that stretches deep into U.S. history, and we’re watching it play out right now with the water crisis currently raging in Flint, Michigan.” Environmental racism is a form of structural racism that purposefully harms communities of color, Flint Michigan is a devastating example. In 2014 Flint’s water supply was changed from Detroit's water system to the Flint River, this decision is made by a government official. The official ignored the fact that, the Flint River is contaminated by industrial waste, making the water undrinkable. The industrial waste was improperly disposed of into the river by G.M and Buick City. In 2014 residents had symptoms of skin rashes, hair loss, mood changes, as a result of brown tap water. In September of 2015, blood tests on children revealed high levels of lead, 900 times the EPA limit. Due to the negligent actions of goverenment and city officials, the children tested now live with irreversible brain
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