The Reflection Of Beethoven's 9th Symphony Orchestra

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Beethoven’s 9th Symphony orchestra was performed in concert by both the magnificent Chandler Symphony and the lovely choir of Chandler-Gilbert Community College the 9th Symphony was played in D minor. All four movements were played beautifully by the numerous instruments that were involved with the concert. Of course, the string family played tremendously, along with the brass family and the percussion family. The performance took place in a beautiful concert hall. While performing, the lights were dimmed in the audience section and a warm yellow light hovered above the performers. The female instrumentalists wore black dresses and the male instrumentalists wore sharp black suits with white shirts and there was the occasional black bow-tie.…show more content…
Visually, the conductor was animated just enough and I felt his movements furthered the music in a sense, like you could see and hear the music and the elation that the movement carries. Before attending the concert, I looked up what made Beethoven’s 9th orchestra so incredible, and many sources told me to wait for the surprise ending, that included vocalists and a choral. The variations of “Ode to Joy” were magnificently played by the double basses and the cellos. When the bass solo began, I knew I was in for a treat, and once Ms. Nagy the soprano began to sing I felt such amazement, the notes she could hit were unbelievably high and she sung them effortlessly and beautifully. I believe the fourth and final movement was in sonata form. The movement seemingly starts off playing pieces of the previous movements with a faster tempo arising in the middle of the movement until it seemed that the chorus, the vocalists and the instrumentalists were shouting with joy. The musical elements worked together and influenced me quite positively, I felt that I was part of something bigger and that I was truly able to understand why the hall was so packed, and why it will continue to be, and that is because classical music. This Beethoven piece made me feel something that I do not feel when listening to pop
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