The Reflection Of Allahu Akbar From A Mosque In Fallukj

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The movie beings with the recitation of “Allahu Akbar” from a mosque in Fallujah (The Iraqi scenes were filmed in Morocco.) in the background, which is an Islamic phrase meaning “God is the greatest”. The American soldiers are marching in a city in Pakistan where the city is dead and ruined. Chris Kyle, who is a sniper, is lying on a rooftop and spots out a woman and a child what seems to holding a grained. Kyle has the permission to kill the women and child and so he does. His teammates are congratulating him for the killing.
The movie sends a message were they are saying that the only reason why men like Chris Kyle killed civilians is because they were trying to kill them, so in this case it´s ok for them to “protect” themselves. The presentation
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The important data points are Kyle’s escalating kill counts in those places, which soon earn him the honorific of “The Legend.” The dead Iraqis lie flat, literally and metaphorically, like images in a video game, where they are slain, and we hear no one weep for them, with the exception of “The Sheikh” whose screaming daughter runs to his corpse. The American dead are pulled at great risk from the battleground, wept over, accompanied in their flag-covered coffins in flights home, laid to rest in dramatic beautiful ceremonies, remembered.
The American dead were persons, and they count. The Iraqi dead were objects in a sniper’s scope, and they are counted. That in a nutshell is the message of “American Sniper.”
How Chris Kyle and hundreds of thousands of other, mostly very young Americans came to invade and occupy, smash doors and faces and artworks and hearts, wound and be wounded, kill and be killed in Iraq -- for what politics, for whose profits -- cannot be touched upon in “American Sniper.” Because to do so would be to move the narrative away from the isolated, tragic white male, that hoary old trope of Western Civ, toward something more politically and historically informed, and much less of a money maker and “hit.”
In war propaganda, a huge genre in which “American Sniper” stands as a lavishly funded, high-production-values example, fictional narratives borrow
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We should condemn this kind of encouragement and take things seriously. We should talk about how the war did not benefit anyone. We should discuss how to avoid these kinds of situation and try to reach for diplomatic solution for future peace between the countries. You do not go to a solider and say “Hey good job on killing 255 people, keep up with the good work and you might break the record”. Killing people in a war no matter what religion or ethnicity does not make you a hero or villain, only a man following orders. I get it that people are trying to protect their country, but I don´t get why you have to go to another country and kill their people. Is that not

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