The Red Room and The Signalman

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Gothic stories - The Red Room and The Signalman how do the authors create tension and an atmosphere of fear? Gothic Stories ============== In this essay I will be discussing a number of things. Firstly, I will be discussing what Gothic writing is and then I will move the discussion towards the subject, which my essay consists of, 'in the novels "The Red Room" and "The Signalman" how do the authors create tension and an atmosphere of fear?' Gothic writing is a style of writing, which was extremely popular in the nineteenth century. It is a story set with the theme of horror in a supernatural way. All gothic writers followed the same concept when writing a novel. They all consisted of a large, dark, abandoned place (for example a castle or mansion) where a man of the modern age would encounter many 'supernatural' obstacles (for example a ghost or spectre). The character would never die for the story was told in a first person perspective (which is when the story is told from his point of view) and therefore when he dies, the story dies with him. If we were to look at "The Red Room" (written by H G Wells) you will notice that it is written in Gothic writing. All of the characteristics of a Gothic story (which I mentioned before) are there. If you were to go to the opening of the story you would see that tension is starting to build even from the foundations of the tale. The author opens with the modern man saying, "'I can assure you', said I, 'that it will take a very tangible ghost to frighten me'". This sentence raises a few questions in your mind such as "why does the author start with this sentence for it is a very peculiar one indeed?' and 'is this sentence foreseeing the future?' The sente... ... middle of paper ... ...hout the story it has been a proper noun but now is just a noun. The author also says the word "bed" repeatedly. This word could be associated with rest, which fits in with the story because of the signalman's death. At the end of the ending there is a short conclusion to the story. This is here to "wrap up " the story. It gives a perfect conclusion to the supernatural problems earlier approached. In conclusion to the question, "how do the authors use language to create suspense and an atmosphere of fear?" I give the answer that these stories are alike. They both have mainly the same structure, they both use the same techniques and they both follow the same rules because they are both Gothic stories so therefore share mainly the same concepts. Both authors use language and any other technique mentioned to build tension. Overall, they are both alike.
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