The Red Badge Of Courage Analysis

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The time period in which an author writes a story greatly affects their writing. The time period can depict what their story will be about, or what the story will not discuss. In Stephen Crane’s novel, The Red Badge of Courage, the time period influences the reasoning for the writing of his novel. Crane, who wrote mostly realistic works, wrote the novel to show the real feelings and events taking place during the war. Stephen Crane, being a realist, wrote the novel to reveal the true fear and darkness going on throughout the lives of men on the battlefield during a war, and, to display the courage the men show in battle as well. During the time period of Stephen Crane’s writing career, many people had been affected by the many wars that had gone on Throughout their lives. Although many people had been affected by the wars, not may knew what was truly going on during the wars. The men involved in the battles were packed with fear during the war. Many people were not able to see the darkest sides of the war. Because Crane was a strong realist he wanted to write the novel to allow the readers to see…show more content…
In writing The Red Badge of Courage it allowed him to do just that. He was able to use the ways in which he enjoyed writing to spread the real feelings the soldiers felt during a war. The book is now very well known simply because of how realistic the events were in the novel; “It is often considered one of the best American war stories ever written, even though the author was born after the events and never saw battle himself”(The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane). Because he was so greatly influenced by realistic writing, Crane used this to also influence his writing, and to influence the reader. He wrote this novel to tell the realistic events happening during the
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