The Recovery Process Of West, Texas

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The recovery process of West, Texas, will take some time caused by the explosion of the fertilizer plant. “A fertilizer mixing operation blew up April 17, 2013, devastating the quiet central Texas town and killing 15” (Shlachter, 2014, p. 1). Although with plenty of help through organizations providing funding through the grant process, there still is a need for people to help with the recovery process. The devastation left more than half of the town completely homeless and a need for fact acting recovery process of these community members. This part of the After Action Review (AAR) process will review the strengths of the long and short-term recovery, weaknesses of the process, and recommendations along with legal impacts that could potentially affect the outcome. Recovery efforts While it is important to understand the recovery efforts and the process to rapidly establish the community back in order, it is also important to mitigate through the recovery process for future disasters. To recognize some of the events will help prepare for recovery and knowing some of the contributing factors. According to Center for disease control and prevention [CDC], (2014), some of the contributing factors led to response for first responders on hazards materials, how quickly the fire spread with lack of sprinkler systems, and not recognizing the distance needed during an explosion potential (p.1). Strengths Short-Term When it comes to the strength of the short-term recovery was that there was a huge response after the explosion happened. The county EM taking command, this is where the strengths began for the overall operation. During that presence of a commander they were able to establish trough the Texas Department of Health Servi... ... middle of paper ... ...communities to implement the Emergency Management role of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery into their system. This is why it is a valuable to key to include the county EM into the ongoing of the community. Another benefit is for the local first responders to play an important role with the county on emergency responses. The other important entity is the local emergency planning committee (LEPC), this would be a valuable role for West, Texas to establish and maintain. Allowing al of the main stakeholders a say and that they would be heard in the planning process. This portion of the AAR there where weakness and strengths that have been identified, along with any potential in legal or political actions. The explosion left many homeless and injured more than 200 along with killing 15, this disaster will allows be remembered through Texas’s history.

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