The Reasons for the Change in Population of Urban and Rural Population

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The Reasons for the Change in Population of Urban and Rural Population I have chosen Peru as the LEDC that I shall study to help me examine the reasons for the change in population of urban and rural population. In Peru the rural areas tend to have a higher percentage of younger and older people (the non-productive dependents) than those of working age (16 to 65). In urban areas of Peru the young dependants account for just over a third of the population as opposed to nearly half in rural areas! More Children are found in the LEDC rural areas as the country has a very poor farming economy. This means that many children are needed to work on farms. As technology is not very high the work is labour extensive and so many people are required. In Peru there is a poor state pension system and so in the rural areas, where people live more by means of subsistence, they need large numbers of children to looks after them when they grow old. In Urban areas, this is not needed so much because people who work in a more formal sector of employment can put money into their pension scheme at work and support themselves when they grow old. In the rural areas there is a lack of knowledge concerning birth control and contraception. Families have more children as they do not know otherwise. In the more educated urban areas people are informed about birth control and have more money to spend on contraception. There are more family planning clinics in the urban areas. In the rural areas, healthcare is generally poorer in standard than in the urban areas of Peru. Infant mortality rates are higher (55 per 1000 live births) due to poor diet and un... ... middle of paper ... ...s in LEDC's. Older dependants are still tending to move away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. They usually go to live by the coast in more rural areas, as it is quieter. The weather is also milder throughout the year, which is good for them. Young dependants (Children in the 0-15 category) are spread fairly evenly throughout the UK. In Norfolk County there 19.3% of males fell into this group. In inner London this was 21.5% which is a minimal difference. I believe that the reason for the distribution of people in the UK now is more to do with wealth than age. Rich people can decide where they live. For example they could move further away to a larger house and be able to commute to where they have to go. However poorer people such as those living in inner city areas can't afford to live elsewhere.

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