The Reasons and Results of Prohibition

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In December of 1917 the Eighteenth Amendment or Prohibition Act was passed, outlawing alcohol for American citizens. Thais was a major movement within U.S. history. Drinking increased substantially in the years after the Civil War, causing the desire for change within America. Overall drinking caused a major upset for men and women living within the 20’s. Research has shown that the Prohibition was caused by major social and financial issues, which resulted in negative economic effects and organized crime.
The increased amount of immigrants led to an increase urbanization throughout the United States, this was said to cause violence levels to skyrocket. A big factor that led up to the urbanization of America was the rapid industrialization sweeping through the nation at the same time. The integration of opposing cultures and people caused strife within communities, “More and more immigrants came to the U.S. and had set up an urban lifestyle. There were high crime rates and fighting problems” (Dannenbaum). Some people blamed the root of this violence to be alcohol, “In the past, crime and alcohol were associated and was believed that alcohol was the main source of evil power” (Dannenbaum). Many citizens believed that alcohol was a central factor in bad decision making. People used this angle of violence and alcohol to pave the road for the Prohibition. Many did not just want a gradual decrease in the production and distribution of alcohol, but wanted it stopped swiftly and instantaneously. This was just one of the causes leading up towards the Prohibition.
The outrage towards alcohol increased when citizens speculated that too many resources were being used to make alcohol, instead of contributing to other useful areas of daily...

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...people who wanted the Prohibition, and those that did not) reached a new level.
Looking back into history had illuminated the problems the Prohibition caused and also its origins from which it stemmed. Society was pressured to make the Prohibition a reality, no matter that it affected the law, and people living within the time. Propaganda, along with an overture of diverse people living within America, acted as a catalyst to also create to Eighteenth Amendment. Violence was also a major issue during this time due to the overuse of alcohol: which led to the ban and restriction placed on the dangerous drink. This had been a large benefactor to instigating problems within families across the nation. Many looked at the Prohibition as a law infringing on citizens’ rights. Alcohol is a vast industry and as history has shown, when taken away the consequences are immense.
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