The Reasons Hitler was Made Chancellor of Germany

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The Reasons Hitler was Made Chancellor of Germany

In Germany in 1933, Hitler's Nazis party was growing extremely popular

with the Germans. This posed a problem for the current government, The

Weimar republic who were losing popularity. Hitler promised things

that the German people needed: Hitler offered a strong leadership,

like that of the Kaiser, older Germans who were alive during the reign

of the Kaiser, warmed to this type of ruling. Hitler promised the

cancellation of the treaty of Versailles, which was still a subject

which angered many people; many still held the signing of the treaty

against the Weimar. Hitler's use of the SA forced people into voting

for him. Hitler knew he could not keep these promises, but he made the

People of Germany believe him, he was able to touch people's emotions,

his rally's created excitement and positivness in the German people.

Hitler was their last chance to help restore Germany to her to

respectability and powerfulness. Hindenburg seeing Hitler's popularity

grow, had to think of something to protect the Weimar but at the same

time keep control of Hitler.

There are many reasons for Hitler being made Chancellor. Starting at

the very beginning of The Weimar's rein, they signed a treaty, which

affected them for the rest of their time in power.

From the very beginning the Weimarappeared weak. They ended the war,

which was bad enough for the German people but they the signed the

treaty of Versailles. This through Germany into humiliation, as well

as having many parts of Germany, taken away and given to other

countries. The German army, who were very important to Germany as they

represented t...

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...le and helped him gain many votes. The weakness of the democratic

system, and the Weimar Republic. From the very beginning, Hitler had a

reason to pick on the Weimar, it was clear that it would not last. The

strength and mass growth of the Nazis helped Hitler. He was able to

create his own army of SA, using violence and force to gain him

support. I think that it was inevitable that Hitler was going to come

to power because, having such a democratic system after Germany being

ruled by the Kaiser was always going to be difficult, but the fact

that from the first week of the Weimar reigning Germany, things

started to go wrong almost emphasises that it was not going to last.

Even events outside of anyone's control were in Hitler's favour.

Hitler didn't rush into anything he was quite then when he saw his

chance he took it.
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