The Reasons Hitler Came To Power

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The Reasons Hitler Came To Power

In 1933, Hitler the leader of the NSDAP (National Socialist German

Workers Party) became the Chancellor of Germany which was in crisis at

the time. I will try to explore some of the reasons why he progressed

in gaining this position.

After the Treaty of Versailles, Germanys' government was a coalition

of two political parties. The government was part Social Demarcates

and part Peoples Parties these governments both were in favor of the

Treaty of Versailles and wanted Germany to pay back their reparations.

The Weimar Republic was set up mainly to help Germany out of their

economic crisis at that time. Germany lost a lot of its land and the

German people very hostile towards current government. Hitler

exploited the weakness of the government.

Germany also had other economic problems as they were paying

reparations to France and Britain and they did not have enough

resources due to the Treaty of Versailles. Germanytherefore was

assisted by America. But as the Wall Street Crash occurred all of the

loans and investment that America had became worthless and America

recalled loans from Germany. Germany was in crisis and unemployment

rapidly rose. At this time the five major banks in Germany had shut.

People who had savings were becoming worthless day by day. The great

inflation as it was referred to be was a major hit in the German

economy. Many social groups were affected. The German people had lost

faith in the Weimar republic.

America assisted Germany by the Dawes plan in 1924 which suggested

that Germany payment should be restructured based on their ability to

pay over the years. But this wa...

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...months Hitler was

appointed chancellor by Hindenburg and Papen vice chancellor.

In conclusion Hitler came to power for many reasons they were all

split into different areas such as economic, social, Nazi and previous

government all of these factors contributed to him coming to power and

making his ideology as well as the Nazi ideology being implemented in

German society at this time. This was the correct time due to fact

that the Treaty of Versailles contributed to his popularity which

convinced German peoples that he as the one to help them.



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